Optimal Health Through

Advanced Chiropractic Care

Drug-free Pain Relief, Wellness Care, Posture Correction, & More


Optimal Health Through Advanced Chiropractic Care

Drug-free Pain Relief, Wellness Care, Posture Correction, & More


Broadway Chiropractic Center in Denver, Colorado

Chiropractic care for the Denver area. We find and correct nerve irritation and interference in your spine which improves nerve messages to and from your brain to body and increases brain function. This is necessary for faster healing and health, to restore function, and improve your quality of your life. We teach our community that life and health come from inside from a healthy, well-functioning brain and nerve system. Your body has an innate ability to heal itself when there is no interference.

Most of you in our community tell us you don't want pills or drugs which just mask your symptoms and you want to do something to fix your problem and get rid of it.

Our approach is to address the underlying cause of your symptoms and fix the cause of your problem, rather than just suppressing your symptoms. If you have pain that is not going away and it is irritating you when doing the things that you need to do like work, exercise, sleep, spending time with your kids and family, or maybe it's little tasks like just putting on your shoes. If you have tried other doctors, tried several things on your own at home, and are still being annoyed by your health challenge, call us at Broadway Chiropractic Center in Denver today.

At Broadway Chiropractic Denver, we are committed to getting you healthier, out of pain, and improving your function naturally without drugs or surgery.

If you have been suffering from headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, or lower back pain and are concerned because it isn't going away and you don't feel like normal anymore, or you are now unable to do some activities the way you want, then

please call us now +1 (303) 733-3522

Broadway Chiropractic in Denver Testimonials

"I started seeing Dr. Mike a couple of months ago for severe neck pain and headaches. Most of my spine is fused, and everything hurts. The headaches were gone almost immediately, and, best of all, I could swim again for the first time in years. Dr. Mike expertly works around my fusions and gets the rest of my spine moving again."

-Holly B.

"No more Prozac, I'm coming alive. I walk without pain. Headaches are rare, if ever. I can run, hike, and exercise. I am more the person I want to be!"

-Lynn S.

"About a week after my son began treatment, I took him off all of the allergy medications, and he has not had an allergic episode since! This has been a great blessing."

-David D.

"Since starting chiropractic care no more headaches and I have ease of movement."

-Lina B.

"Last year I could not raise my arm at all, even to touch my head, and was told I needed surgery. I decided on chiropractic care instead of surgery. I am happy I did. Dr. Mike has been working on it, and now I can use my arm again!"

-Robert S.

"My panic attacks are near gone, and I have more energy!"

-Suzanne A.

"I feel healthy - feel good. Very friendly, personalized care. Very professional and knowledgeable."

-Betsy C.

"Dr. Mike Madden works miracles, one patient at a time at this wonderful chiropractic office! I saw a chiro for 2.5 years before coming to Dr. Mike, but now I'm really seeing some results! ...Best chiropractor EVER! :)"

-Lynn L.

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